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Is primer necessary before makeup?

Posted on Jun 4, 2019 in Makeup & Beauty

Is primer necessary before makeup?

There are different styles of makeup. There are a lot of resolutions and formulas. Moreover, there are different and beautiful patterns available. Finally, there is a lot of product out there in the market. The difficulty is now in the choice. What to take into the makeup and what to eliminate is a big question. Most importantly, the ever-recurring question is about the primer. Is a Primer necessary before makeup? Let us read through the article and find out.

There is no use of shadow without a primer

It maintains your colour for a longer time. It helps you in the long where of your makeup and ultimately waterproof. So you have to apply them, especially before an eyeshadow. It will be held onto your eyeshadow and maintained the vibrant colour ever. It will portray you with an ultimate makeup look.

no primer makeup

Primer reduces breaks at the crease

When you do not apply primer before your makeup, in a little time you can find breaks in all the crease across your face. It can make you look extremely awkward. A flawless makeup look is never possible without a primer. It can keep your makeup look alive. People tell that an oily skill will hold the makeup longer. But it is not the truth. Applying makeup without primer will develop creases even in oily skin. Dry skin can make your day worse without a primer.

Search for built-in Primer

If you really do not prefer a primer, you can search for foundations which come with built-in primers. Check in the label of foundations and find out whether it comes with a built-in primer or not. When you are a casual use of foundations you will not find it difficult to use.

primer before makeup

Smooth out the imperfections

If you have wrinkles or pimples on your skin, you have to use a primer to smooth it out. It can give you a smooth look and blur the imperfections. The outcomes achieved will be damn perfect.

Primers will guard your skin

It is a fact that makeup damages to skin when used in the long run. Your skin will suffocate with the makeup chemicals as they get clogged into the pores. But when you use a primer it will form a fine layer between the makeup and your skin. Primers are a beautiful solution to eliminate all your skin problems. You never have to be scared about applying makeup.

I hope the above factors, would convince you about the use and importance of a primer. If you have a doubt even now, you can experiment it yourself by having a primer vs no primer makeup. You can see by yourself, how good the makeup finish is and how to protect your skin is.

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