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What is pre-shampoo treatment and how to do it?

Posted on Aug 30, 2019 in Healthy Hair Habits

What is pre-shampoo treatment and how to do it?

The pre-shampoo treatment is all about nourishing your hair. It is a process in which, the hair is given a lot of nutrition to feed on. This will make your hair healthy. There are many ingredients which are used in multiple formulations in the pre-shampoo treatment.

The common ingredients are butter, ghee, egg, onion juice, asafoetida paste and a wide range of oils. These Ingredients are used in a variety of formulations. It is important to do pre-wash hair treatment. It helps in making your hair dry or wet before you clean your hair with your regular shampoo or shampoo conditioner combo.

Benefits of pre-shampoo scalp treatment

The ultimate idea to have a pre-shampoo hair mask is to remove the existing styling products, oil, dirt which will build upon the root. This will affects your hair in a very negative way. Consequently, you will have to face hair fall, split ends, dry hair, frizzy hair, dandruff and many other issues. Pre shampoo scalp treatment is very important as it provides a lot of moisture before you shampoo your hair.

Understand your hair type

It is important to know and understand your hair well. But how to find this out? You can determine the type of your hair if you examine the diameter, shape, and elasticity of your hair. Based on these parameters let us see each type of hair and the required pre-shampoo hair mask.

Fine hair

This hair is thin in diameter. Each strand of the hair is very small. Fine hair is vulnerable to damage very soon and needs extra care and attention to keep it healthy. When the diameter of your hair is very low then it is a fine hair. You have to strengthen your hair with the help of pre-shampoo scalp treatment. You have to feed in nutrition to the hair.

Medium hair

It is gently thicker in diameter than the fine hair. It can bear natural heat but it struggles a little, because of the heat styling. Over a period of time, it may become dull because of colour treatment. To keep with conditioned, reduce its dull look, you have to opt for pre-shampoo treatment that which can help your hair shine and keep it healthy.

pre-wash hair treatment

Thick hair

The very name tells that it has a higher diameter. It can fight against the heat of the hairstyling. It requires strong chemicals to colour your hair. But one negative thing about thick hair is that it can become dry and rough very soon. So it needs a pre-shampoo treatment that can fill the hair with moisture.

Damaged hair

Damaged hair will lack elasticity and moisture. Subsequently, it will need a way more care than a regular routine. You should avoid physical as well as mental stress.

Following pre-shampoo treatment and adding it into your routine, can show wonderful results in a period of time. Being consistent can make your hair beautiful and glossy.

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